The Jesse Winchester Project

Marcus Lee Winchester and Friends

Recorded on October 21, 2022 Toronto

Last fall, on Oct 21 in Toronto, after many years of trying to record some Jesse tunes together, we made it happen. Bob Cohen and I, original bandmates in the Midnight Bus, accompanied by my brother Harold, on guitar 2, Rebecca Campbell on vocals, Ed Roth on Keyboards, Malcolm Gould on Drums, Robin Easton Recording engineer, and of course the fabulous Marcus Lee Winchester on lead vocals, spent a very short six hours recording six of our favorite Jesse Winchester tunes.
These tracks were then mixed, tweaked, and enhanced by my brother and I and are presented to you all, with love. What we do next with these gems and other JW tunes is open for discussion.
We all felt that it was important to give back to all of the loyal Jesse fans out there. With the anniversary of his passing, we give you all a little gift.
Needless to say, playing them on your tiny smart phone speakers is not optimal. Headphones are best, stereo speakers, earbuds or little earphones work.
These recordings could not have been made without the help of the following incredible folks:
Marcus Winchester - Lead vocals
Rebecca Campbell - Vocals
Bob Cohen - Lead Guitars
Marty Harris - Bass
Malcolm Gould - Drums
Ed Roth - Keyboards
Harold Harris - Guitars - Mix engineer
Robin Easton -Recording Engineer

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